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Collaborative Change®

What is Collaborative Change®?

CollaborativeChange® is a behaviour change approach based on empowerment and co-design principles.

We work with brands, communities, charities and public bodies to collaboratively build social capital and sustainable futures. Collaborative Change® focuses on sustainability as the primary means of driving social and financial return on investment. It builds this sustainability through a knowledge exchange model that empowers change in communities, whilst simultaneously building capacity within client teams. It synthesises insights from wide range of disciplines, including social marketing, design thinking and community engagement, and is based on the latest behavioural science. At its heart, it is driven by co-design principles and assets-based optimism as means of empowering change within a holistic systems context.

The Collaborative Change® approach

The Collaborative Change® approach is built around five basic principles.

Although these can be roughly mapped against the process – the series of steps to be taken – each of the principles should be exemplified at every stage of a project.

The five principles

    1. Engage
    2. Motivate
    3. Empower
    4. Trust
    5. Ownership
As we all come under increasing pressure to deliver greater impact, more quickly with less resource, Collaborative Change® offers an opportunity to catalyse transformational change, whilst building longer-term social capital, along the skills capital to sustain it.


An innovative new project driven by sustainable design principles

We are currently working with a range of private, public, third and academic sector partners who share our values and our focus on the need for sustainability. We are also developing a specific project, Considered_, focusing on unlocking the social change potential of the mainstream global creative and design community. The project will be the focus of an upcoming book of the same name.

Recent updates

Chester students 'Change the World'

Students from the University of Chester have been working with a Welsh charity to design integrated behaviour change interventions tackling entrenched social issues in the area.

Two teams of students from the second year 'Advertising and Society' course have been working in close partnership with Safer Wales, a Cardiff based charity focussed on "making people feel safer in their daily lives" as part of their BA degree course. The charity, who are currently working on projects tackling domestic violence and hate-crime, answered our 'Change the World' call out earlier in the year, recognising the benefit of taking a behaviour change approach to tackling prejudice and domestic abuse in Cardiff.

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Case study:
RSPCA: Cat Neutering

How can we address the issue of cat overpopulation by encouraging responsible ownership?

The RSPCA, along with other cat welfare charities, has been running educational programmes and operational initiatives to encourage owners to neuter their cats for many years. Free neutering vouchers are provided via the RSPCA’s inspectorate and branches to those in need, of which redemption is currently at around 50 per cent.

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The Future of Sustainability is Design

The future of sustainability is design, not communication. When it comes to building brands and driving change, effective communication is a prerequisite. Unsurprisingly then, communications are often the first port of call when it comes to the unique challenges and opportunities that sustainability represents for today’s brands.

However, emerging cultural, economic and technological trends related to sustainability are forcing brands to think differently about the role of communications in their wider brand ecosystem. As is so often the case, when the game is changing this quickly, a more effective solution requires a redefinition of the problem.

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