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UC Real: Predicting the Impact of Universal Credit   

UC Real! is a forecasting tool designed to give you a glimpse of the future. It delivers the most robust and detailed evidence-base currently available on the likely impact of UC roll out on your organisation and customers.

Driven by your own data, the insight it delivers relates specifically to your customers and your organisation. This insight will give you the information you need to develop robust preventative strategies:

  • Target resource towards those who represent the greatest risk
  • Tailor intervention according to different customer profiles, levels of risk and likely behaviours.
  • Monitor changes over time as more customers transition


Using statistical techniques and your own tenant data, it predicts how UC roll out will affect your tenants and your organization in terms of three key metrics:

  • Rent payments
  • Arrears levels
  • Caseload.


Driven by your own tenant data, UC Real! will produce a comprehensive suite of essential business intelligence:

  • The most accurate estimate available of the current impact UC is having on your organisation
  • Statistically-driven forecasts of these impacts right across the DWP timeline
  • A behavioural segmentation, highlighting how different customers are responding differently to UC
  • A risk rating for each tenant, based on a prediction of their likely post-UC behaviour.
  • Customer profiling to identify those who represent greater / lesser risk
  • Forecast of changes in arrears and caseload, resulting from full UC roll out.


  • “It’s already had a massive impact on how we’re viewing UC”
  • “It really got the board’s attention. Finally, we’re having the right sort of conversations around UC.”
  • “Everyone’s trying to guess what’s going to happen. Now we have real evidence to work with.”
  • “It’s given us a business case for a proper response.”


A more detail information pack and pricing is available on request, along with an example of the full UC Real report.

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