Evidence-based Behaviour Change



Why Collaborate?


The argument for taking a participatory approach to public health is borne out both by common sense and empirical evidence. At a very basic level, involving citizens in the design, development and delivery of their own solutions as a means of making those solutions more effective and responsive, feels logical and intuitive.

Who knows more about what a public service should look and feel like than the public itself? And who is better placed to determine what will work in a particular locality more than the people who are woven into its very fabric?

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Ontario Ministry of Health: Sexual health


How can we reduce rates of one of Canada’s most under-diagnosed STIs?

Building on the success of the Collaborative Change fancyaquickie.org.uk and get-on-top.co.uk young person’s sexual health projects in the UK, the Collaborative Change team have been working with Ontario Public Health and Rain 43 to develop a new approach to increasing Chlamydia screening rates across Toronto.

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Ontario Ministry of Health: Social smoking


How can we encourage “non-smokers” to quit smoking?

Collaborative Change have been working in close partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Health (MoH) and BBDO to design behaviour change communications for a particularly hard to reach group, young social smokers.

As well as providing invaluable audience insights that were used to guide communications, the co-creation phase of the Collaborative Change process revealed a key challenge for the project, “how can we encourage people who don’t identify themselves as smokers, to quit smoking?

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