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Lancashire County Council: Road safety

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How do we reduce childhood road traffic casualties by engaging parents as stakeholders in the issue?

Although significant improvements have been made to reduce child road casualties across the UK, rates in Lancashire remain relatively high in comparison. In response to this, Lancashire County Council commissioned our team to develop methods of improving child road safety, specifically through the parents of young children.

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Why Collaborate?


The argument for taking a participatory approach to public health is borne out both by common sense and empirical evidence. At a very basic level, involving citizens in the design, development and delivery of their own solutions as a means of making those solutions more effective and responsive, feels logical and intuitive.

Who knows more about what a public service should look and feel like than the public itself? And who is better placed to determine what will work in a particular locality more than the people who are woven into its very fabric?

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Department of Health: Health and Wellbeing

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How do we make the Change4Life campaign work for us at the local level?

Change4Life is a wide-ranging preventive health programme designed to empower individuals and families to change their behaviours in relation to diet and fitness. The programme focuses on tackling quality of life issues related to rising obesity levels as well as the cost implications for the National Health Service (NHS) and wider economy.

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