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We simplified a letter and increased customer engagement by 24%

Over the last 2 years we have been working with Social Housing providers across the UK to explore how the application of behavioural insights could increase revenue and reduce costs.

In line with our commitment to evidence-based practice, we encourage the use of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) wherever possible. This case study showcases an RCT that triggered a 24% increase in customer engagement, just by simplifying the layout of a letter and reducing cognitive friction.

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Homer, Odysseus and the Future of Behavioural Insights

On returning home to from the Trojan War, the legendary Greek hero Odysseus was forced to sail past the Sirens. 

This group of beautiful maidens were renowned for beguiling sailors with their angelic voices, inducing such delirium that their victims succumb and dash their vessels against the rocks. However, Odysseus had been warned about the Sirens and had consulted his behavioural insights team on how best to respond.

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The Future of Sustainability is Design

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The future of sustainability is design, not communication. When it comes to building brands and driving change, effective communication is a prerequisite. Unsurprisingly then, communications are often the first port of call when it comes to the unique challenges and opportunities that sustainability represents for today’s brands.

However, emerging cultural, economic and technological trends related to sustainability are forcing brands to think differently about the role of communications in their wider brand ecosystem. As is so often the case, when the game is changing this quickly, a more effective solution requires a redefinition of the problem.

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