Evidence-based Behaviour Change



A new perspective on immediate gratification


Decision fatigue and ego depletion: Implications for behaviour change

In a fascinating essay in the New York Times (thanks to Michael Rothschild for the signpost), John Tierney outlines a bank of research into ‘Decision Fatigue’, a specific example of the more general phenomenon, Ego Depletion.

Through his analysis, Ego Depletion emerges as powerful explanatory and predictive concept that sheds new light on a wide range of behaviour change issues.

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Financial incentives and behaviour change


In austere times, can bribery be healthy? : A special report by Reuters

Click here to view the full report—a largely balanced discussion of the pros and cons of financial incentives. Some further points of consideration based on Collaborative Change’s empowerment-based approach to behaviour change follow.

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Human beings are like sponges


The Collaborative Change approach is based as much on the need to deepen and diversify our understanding of human behaviour as it is on the benefits of meaningful participation. Central to achieving this deeper understand is the need to approach behaviour as being fundamentallycontextually-determined, rather than self-directed.

Researching a paper recently, I came across this quote, which I thought perfectly captured the Collaborative Change approach to behaviour change based on this contextual understanding.

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