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Human beings are like sponges


The Collaborative Change approach is based as much on the need to deepen and diversify our understanding of human behaviour as it is on the benefits of meaningful participation. Central to achieving this deeper understand is the need to approach behaviour as being fundamentallycontextually-determined, rather than self-directed.

Researching a paper recently, I came across this quote, which I thought perfectly captured the Collaborative Change approach to behaviour change based on this contextual understanding.

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Collaborative Change and youth smoking

Collaborative Change co-founder Steven Johnson recently had a fascinating conversation with Diane Fenner, Head of Health and Education Partnerships at Cambridgeshire PSHE Service about a youth smoking intervention that she has recently launched. Here he shares his thoughts on the campaign:

Kickash is a campaign-cum-service that has not only been designed and delivered by young people in a school setting. It’s an excellent example of the Collaborative Change approach and exemplifies the 5 principles of engage, motivate, empower, trust and ownership.

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