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Chester students ‘Change the World’

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Students from the University of Chester have been working with a Welsh charity to design integrated behaviour change interventions tackling entrenched social issues in the area.

Two teams of students from the second year ‘Advertising and Society’ course have been working in close partnership with Safer Wales, a Cardiff based charity focussed on “making people feel safer in their daily lives” as part of their BA degree course. The charity, who are currently working on projects tackling domestic violence and hate-crime, answered our ‘Change the World’ call out earlier in the year, recognising the benefit of taking a behaviour change approach to tackling prejudice and domestic abuse in Cardiff.

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D&AD Graduate Academy: Design A Difference


How can we inspire creatives to build sustainability into their design practices?

As another crop of graduates are set to become the creative community’s newest employees—Collaborative Change has been working with the cream of up-and-coming talent as part of D&AD’s annual Graduate Academy programme.

With ethical and sustainable design principles joining a marker pen and creativity as essential parts of a creative’s toolbox, we were asked to deliver our ‘Design A Difference’ course to jolt the Grads out of their creative comfort zones.

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Do you want to ‘Change the World’?


In partnership with the University of Chester we are searching for a third-sector organisation to collaborate with up-and-coming creative talent on an exciting new behaviour change initiative.

The ‘Change the World’ project is designed to help a charity, social enterprise or community interest company benefit from a pro bono collaboration with advertising students. In return the partner organisation provides a brief for them to work on and experience of a live industry project.

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