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Ontario Ministry of Health: Social smoking


How can we encourage “non-smokers” to quit smoking?

Collaborative Change have been working in close partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Health (MoH) and BBDO to design behaviour change communications for a particularly hard to reach group, young social smokers.

As well as providing invaluable audience insights that were used to guide communications, the co-creation phase of the Collaborative Change process revealed a key challenge for the project, “how can we encourage people who don’t identify themselves as smokers, to quit smoking?

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Ontario Ministry of Health: Sexual health


How can we reduce rates of one of Canada’s most under-diagnosed STIs?

Building on the success of the Collaborative Change fancyaquickie.org.uk and get-on-top.co.uk young person’s sexual health projects in the UK, the Collaborative Change team have been working with Ontario Public Health and Rain 43 to develop a new approach to increasing Chlamydia screening rates across Toronto.

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Collaborative Change in Canada


After presenting Collaborative Change at the last World Social Marketing Conference (Dublin), we were invited by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to run a collaboration with their internal and agency teams to engage young people with their sexual health.

The project model we developed was classic ‘Collaborative Change’—working directly with the Ministry research/strategy team and their Toronto-based creative agency, Rain43 to co-create interventions directly with the young people in the city.

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