Evidence-based Behaviour Change


Local Government   

New research findings show how Universal Credit is impacting tenant’s behaviour.

The latest findings from a data science project by Behavioural Insights consultancy Collaborative Change, show in detail how tenants are struggling with Universal Credit.

Key findings

  • Average tenant arrears increase by £300
  • Three-fold increase in number of NOSPs
  • Between £60k and £130k total increase in arrears per 1000 tenants
  • Providers typically only 9% of the way through the number of UC claimants they will have to deal with between now and March 2022

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A Behavioural Insights Smash Course for Local Authorities

Nudge, Behavioural Insights and local authorities

Behavioural Insights and ‘Nudge’ techniques are being used extensively across central government and the commercial sector. This approach has shown time and again how small changes can significantly reduce costs and increase revenue. Over recent years our work has shown how these techniques can be used address challenges specific to local authorities.

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Income Collection & Rent Arrears

The ‘Nudging your way to reduced rent arrears’ project was the first time that Behavioural Insights methodology had been applied and tested within the social housing sector.

We ran 10 randomised controlled trials with over 7000 tenants and achieved some fascinating results, including:

  • 46% increase in revenue through minor changes to an envelope
  • 12% increase in payment rates by including just one extra message in arrears comms
  • 24% increase in tenant engagement by redesigning one letter

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