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Breastfeeding campaign goes viral

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We produced this viral video as part of our award-winning breastfeeding initiation campaign, Be A Star. It was a great success, leading to a 13% increase in breastfeeding initiation rates. Given the organic, word-of-mouth transmission that drove the success of the programme within grass-roots offline communities, we’ve developed this short film to serve the same purpose within the global online community.

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Collaborative Change in Belgium

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Following a presentation we delivered to the UNICEF Baby Friendly conference in Bournemouth, we were approached by DeBakermat, a Flanders-based charity dedicated to supporting vulnerable young mothers.

A few months later the project leads flew in to visit us at our Manchester offices and kickstarted what has turned into a enduring and fulfilling long-distance relationship, sustained by Collaborative Change principles.

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Design Accreditation for the UK


An opportunity to shape the future of the design industry…

Steven Johnson is chairing a working group for the DBA (Design Business Association) to investigate how an independent accreditation scheme for design businesses could benefit both providers and buyers.

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