Evidence-based Behaviour Change


Public Health   

Sexual Health: STI screening

Increasing uptake of Chlamydia screening amongst young people through a targeted behaviour change intervention.

Target Audience

Under 25-year-old males and females within the borders of Derby City and Derbyshire County.


  • Conducted insight to develop and refine services to best meet target audience needs: focus groups, paired and depth interviews.
  • Created segmentation model of sexually active young people to allow for future development of bespoke interventions.

NHS Blackpool: Illicit tobacco

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Now that we have increased awareness of illicit tobacco how can we trigger a normative shift?

Building on a pan-regional intervention developed by The Hub to raise awareness of the dangers of illicit tobacco, our team began to explore more direct approaches by piloting community-based interventions in Blackpool and Salford.

Social norms

Both the evidence base and our own direct experience showed that the sale, purchase and consumption of illicit tobacco are deeply ingrained behaviours, embedded in community culture and social norms.

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NHS Blackburn with Darwen: Vitamin D uptake


How can we increase uptake of Vitamin D supplements for children under 5?

Although Vitamin D supplements are available free of charge in the Borough of Blackburn with Darwen (BwD) uptake remained low, with an average of just 17 courses distributed per month. Our team was commissioned to increase uptake of free Vitamin D supplements to reduce instances of rickets in white and South Asian children under the age of 5.

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