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NHS: Breastfeeding initiation

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How can we empower young mums from disadvantaged communities across the UK to breastfeed their babies?

Our team was commissioned to develop approaches to increase breastfeeding initiation amongst 18–24-year-old women living in disadvantaged communities. Initially commissioned by a partnership of 3 PCTs, this programme has since been adopted in 17 other localities.

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Ontario Ministry of Health: Sexual health


How can we reduce rates of one of Canada’s most under-diagnosed STIs?

Building on the success of the Collaborative Change fancyaquickie.org.uk and get-on-top.co.uk young person’s sexual health projects in the UK, the Collaborative Change team have been working with Ontario Public Health and Rain 43 to develop a new approach to increasing Chlamydia screening rates across Toronto.

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Tobacco Free Futures: Illicit tobacco

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How do we initiate a normative shift when behaviours are so ingrained?

Controlling the price of tobacco is the single most effective lever in reducing smoking prevalence. With illicit tobacco (IT) being sold at up to half the price of legitimate products, the trade seriously undermines all other efforts to tackle nicotine addiction in the UK. The North of England Tackling Illicit Tobacco for Better Health Programme commissioned our team to help develop an intervention to reduce both supply and demand within deprived communities.

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