Evidence-based Behaviour Change


social housing   

Income Collection & Rent Arrears

The ‘Nudging your way to reduced rent arrears’ project was the first time that Behavioural Insights methodology had been applied and tested within the social housing sector.

We ran 10 randomised controlled trials with over 7000 tenants and achieved some fascinating results, including:

  • 46% increase in revenue through minor changes to an envelope
  • 12% increase in payment rates by including just one extra message in arrears comms
  • 24% increase in tenant engagement by redesigning one letter

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Channel Shift & Self Service

Following the success of the ‘Nudging your way to reduced rent arrears’ project, we launched a large-scale collaboration to apply behavioural insights to the challenges posed by channel shift and digital self-service.

The project was designed to assist social housing providers to encourage customers to transition to using digital services and more cost-effective touchpoints. Many providers have built online tools and apps to encourage digital interaction but have then struggled to drive take-up.

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