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NHS Blackpool: Illicit tobacco

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Now that we have increased awareness of illicit tobacco how can we trigger a normative shift?

Building on a pan-regional intervention developed by The Hub to raise awareness of the dangers of illicit tobacco, our team began to explore more direct approaches by piloting community-based interventions in Blackpool and Salford.

Social norms

Both the evidence base and our own direct experience showed that the sale, purchase and consumption of illicit tobacco are deeply ingrained behaviours, embedded in community culture and social norms.

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Tobacco Free Futures: Illicit tobacco

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How do we initiate a normative shift when behaviours are so ingrained?

Controlling the price of tobacco is the single most effective lever in reducing smoking prevalence. With illicit tobacco (IT) being sold at up to half the price of legitimate products, the trade seriously undermines all other efforts to tackle nicotine addiction in the UK. The North of England Tackling Illicit Tobacco for Better Health Programme commissioned our team to help develop an intervention to reduce both supply and demand within deprived communities.

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Tobacco Free Futures: Smoking cessation

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How can we ensure community interests are reflected by policy?

Following the election of the Coalition Government in 2010, the Department of Health issued of a number of public consultation documents proposing radical changes for UK NHS.

Representing communities

To ensure the interests of the communities it represents were reflected in resultant policy, Tobacco Free Futures (TFF) commissioned our team to design and deliver a wide-ranging public engagement exercise.

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