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New sustainability project ready for launch!


We’d like to take this opportunity to share a sneak preview of a major new project we’re gearing up to launch over the next few months. Considered_ is a manifesto, a rallying cry and a resource designed to galvanise the creative industries as a catalyst for positive social change.

Considered_ is based on the social change principles and projects developed by Steven Johnson and his teams at agencies Collaborative Change and The Hub.

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Sustainability: Reposition or Rebrand?


There’s been much valid discussion around whether the term ‘sustainability’ is a help or a hinderance in promoting engagement with the change agenda that it represents, here for instance.

I agree with much of what is being said, especially when it comes to engaging consumers/citizens, but we need to quickly move the debate forward to discuss what we do about it.

I’ve seen the social marketing and behaviour change community go around and around in a similar unproductive circle, with practitioners and academics ploughing through lengthy (some would say pedantic and self-serving) debates about how we talk about what we do.

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